Guiding Values




What is a brave brand?

Brave brands choose the hard right, over the easy wrong. They pursue a greater purpose. They focus on progress to make a positive impact. They choose progress over perfection, and never use that as an excuse to try less than their very best. They make an effort to build a better business, not necessarily a bigger business. For a better world.

Brave brands are led by fierce founders who challenge the status quo and refuse to accept things as they are. They imagine a beautiful, fair, radical future. They hold on to hope. They are creative dreamers who have the audacity to believe they possess power to make a damn difference. So they do. They are honest. They are open. They are ready to change our lives. And we help.

Our Commitment

We are devoted to founders who stand for something bigger than their brands. We are driven by our desire to create change. Because we believe business can be a force for good. And brave brands can help solve the world’s most pressing problems.

So we work for ethical fashion. Clean beauty. Organic goodness. Wellness that gives back. Conscious consumption. Sustainable lifestyles. Purpose driven products. Bcorps. 1% For the Planet and charitable partnerships in action. Did we mention the intersectional feminism? All the feminism.

We lead in compassion. We are creative, irreverent, and committed to conscious capitalism. Join us.